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Improving Student Retention and Educational Outcomes

Hobsons is proud to announce that the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) Framework, is joining the Hobsons family of products and services. PAR, a national membership collaborative, helps colleges, universities, and higher education systems use data to improve retention and postsecondary success. PAR offers member organizations tools and services to inventory and measure the impact of their student success interventions, benchmark their institutions’ academic success in comparison to peer institutions, and predict which students are going to be at-risk. Members also benefit from community insight and effective practices shared from across the collaborative.

Key Benefits

The PAR acquisition will:

  • Help more students succeed

    Leveraging PAR technology and expertise, Hobsons will deliver actionable data-driven insights to improve student success in higher education, empowering more students to persist until they achieve their educational goals.

  • Help institutions scale student retention and support

    The addition of PAR creates a unique opportunity for Hobsons to help scale the work of delivering actionable intelligence and interventions that keep students engaged and progressing toward graduation while improving the ability of institutions to measure the effectiveness of their student success initiatives and plan for the future.

  • Increase our expertise

    We welcome PAR’s team of highly qualified higher education analytics practitioners, skilled in identifying what works in education and accelerating the adoption of those findings. PAR also brings a vibrant community of university members committed to improving student success.

  • Deliver market-leading products

    Hobsons delivers comprehensive, first-class advising and admissions solutions to help schools, colleges, and universities support students throughout their education The addition of PAR will help us to scale collaborative work by member institutions to measure and share what’s working to keep students in school and progressing toward graduation as we continuously improve our student success solutions.


How does the PAR acquisition fit into Hobsons’ overall strategy?

Hobsons is about helping students succeed, connecting what they are learning in school to what they aspire to do in life. We help students advance at every stage in their education by enabling K-12 schools and higher education institutions to engage with students in college and career readiness, best-fit postsecondary admissions, and college persistence and completion. The addition of PAR strengthens our leadership position in leveraging meaningful data and encouraging best practices to help students achieve their goals.

Why PAR?

PAR and Hobsons share a commitment to student success at scale: globally, across many institutions, and for massive numbers of students. Joining forces allows Hobsons to scale PAR’s successful approach to help more students succeed, faster.

No other analytics provider allows college and university systems to use solid data and insights to drive policy and resource decisions so they can accelerate what’s working to help students succeed. PAR member institutions have been asking PAR and Hobsons to integrate PAR insights with Hobsons’ Starfish and Radius products for years. We have begun to respond to these requests and our joint customers are already seeing great results.

How will Hobsons incorporate PAR into its product offerings?

Leveraging the additional technology and expertise of the PAR team, we will work to enhance our college readiness, admissions, and student success platforms to help millions of students make better decisions about which academic pathways to follow and to improve institutions’ understanding of which students need support and which interventions work best.

What will the impact be to existing PAR employees

The PAR staff will join Hobsons but will remain based in Chapel Hill, N.C., or their current locations. PAR will operate as a new division within Hobsons and PAR CEO Beth Davis will continue to lead the team.

How many schools does Hobsons currently serve?

Hobsons partners with more than 12,000 K-12 and higher education institutions, serving more than 13 million students in more than 100 countries around the world.

What were the terms of the transaction?

As part of the DMGT portfolio of companies, Hobsons does not disclose financial information publicly. For more information about DMGT, please visit the DMGT Investor Relations site.

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